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What is TOZEX?

TOZEX is a unique gateway to the crypto asset markets for all the stakeholders of the industry. The platform allows to manage token issuance, listing and trading within one unique ecosystem.

TOZEX Deploy

TOZEX Deploy is a decentralized application by design allowing to create and deploy a set of token smart contracts library (STO, ICO, Airdrop and BRO) on the Blockhain network of your choice (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, RSK and CREDITS).

Tozex deploy
  • Launch token based fundraising campaign (ICO, STO, BRO) without a single line of code
  • Select the blockchain network of your choice (Ethereum, Ethereum classic, RSK andCredits )
  • Manage and set up all characteristics of your token (total supply, name, ticker, etc...)
  • Give more transparency by deploying standard and trusted open source smart contracts
  • Stay the owner of your smart contracts by using your own digital signature
  • Identify in early stage investment opportunities on valuable projects
  • Compare profitability and risks of each projects (token distribution model, given bonus, total supply, etc...)
  • Access to a wide range of transparent and secure fundraising campaigns
  • Make your investment decision based on verifiable information (amount raised, number of investors, given bonus, etc...)
  • Save time to check the specificities of each projects through a unique interface
  • Verify if a specific token was issued through our platform

TOZEX Exchange

TOZEX Exchange is design to trade major existing crypto assets and futur tradeable tokens issued through TOZEX Deploy. We introduce an hybrid trading platform fully regulated with user friendly experience and liquidity of centralized exchange while bringing security and privacy of a decentralized exchange

Tozex exchange
  • Save time and important listing costs by listing your token on TOZEX exchange
  • Make available your crypto assets on the secondary market
  • Expand the awarness of your promising projects by submiting it to our community
  • Create a sustainable liquid market
  • Increase your crypto-asset market capitalisation
  • Easy and quickly way to sell your tokens in the same platform
  • Exclusive access to new listed crypto-assets
  • Track the evolution of your portfolio
  • Take part of the liquidity mechanism to liquidate or expose trade positions
  • Be rewarded for your support due to Believers Reward Offering (BRO) protocol
  • Token listing vote process for holder investors
  • Anticipate your trade positions by using margin & spot trading options
  • Trustable regulated exchange and auditable trading volume
  • Transparent clearing & settlement
  • Pertinent market information and live market data (trading charts, reports …)
  • Competitive fees (trading fees (0.1%), free deposit and withdraw fees (0.5%))

TOZEX Ecosystem

The bridge between primary and secondary market


TOZEX Deploy - Alpha Version

The application will provide you the ability to create standalone Tokens or launch your token based fundraising campaign (only ICO for now) on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic at the moment. TOZEX Deploy is going to integrate others issuances mechanisms (Airdrop and BRO) using smart contract library on top of RSK and CREDITS blockchain network.

Remove barriers

TOZEX will boost crypto asset adoption by removing the barriers of issuance, listing and trading. Project owners, investors, and traders have the opportunity to exchange value continuously throughout the token’s life within a trustworthy ecosystem

token issuance Token issuance

No specific skills and no costly third party required. Tokens are issued in few minutes by using our smart contract library (ICO, STO, BRO or airdrop).

Project owners need specific developers’ skills to help them to select the suitable Blockchain network, code and deploy the dedicated asset (10K-25K USD).
Moreover security challenges is important and the ecosystem are dealing with a lack of standards and coding expertise to develop/audit smart contracts.

token listing Token listing

Listing in few days at an affordable price. Listing request will be validated by the Committee of Control if the project undergo mandatory compliance checks involving also our community point of view.

The biggest pain-point in the current industry is the long and costly token listing process. Indeed, in the current industry it takes few weeks, up to 12 weeks or more existing exchange platforms apply disproportionate pricing (up to USD $5 millions).

token trading Token trading

Bring transparency through the use of decentralized order book to avoid market abuse risk and fraudulent use of trader’s assets. New liquidity management mechanism to sustain the secondary market.

Traders suffer from the lack of transparency on clearing and settlement of transactions. Most of crypto exchanges actors have a non-transparent and a centralised order book which can easily be manipulated by themselves. Traders are exposed to market abuse risk and fraudulent use of their assets without any possibility to doing something


  • R&D : Believer Reward Offering "BRO" protocol

    TOZEX concept creation & design thinking
  • TOZEX Whitepaper redaction

    TOZEX: Minimum Viable product developed
  • TOZEX project official annoucement

    Whitepaper external review

    BRO smart contract development started
  • Publication of the Whitepaper and BRO paper

    Team members and advisors extension
  • BRO campaign

    TOZEX alpha version

    Community airdrop
  • Strategic partnerships

    Listing on exchanges announcement

    Strategic partnerships
  • TOZEX beta version

    Traders airdrop
  • Financial services licence

    TOZEX - final release

    Compliance with Blockchain international standards - ISO/TC307 & CEN-CENELEC

Believer Reward Offering "BRO" is an innovative way to contribute to our project development

This token based fundraising mechanism is a totally new alternative to Initial Coin Offerings. BRO presents many advantages over ICOs and here are few reasons why it might just prove to be a sustainable option for all stakeholders.

We believe that this is a concrete alternative to ICOs that the crypto space has been waiting for.

BRO paper is coming soon

Funding Structure

Who is behind TOZEX?

TOZEX is powered by Ozcan brother's who co-founded Crypto4All a blockchain engineering and consulting compagny

Blockchain Technologies

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