tozex platform

Crypto Asset Platform for
Issuing, Financing & Trading

What is TOZEX ?

Tozex is a financing platform which combines a decentralized token issuance module integrates a “Tokenpad” with an embedded trading market place allowing to launch a token based crowdfunding campaign (ICO, STO and BRO).

Smart Contract

Our platform uses the porwer of smart contract as a trustless third party to manage the issuance of tokens (utility, payment or securities) maintain by an open source library. The decentralized exchange order book managing bids and asks stay publicly auditable by any one avoiding opacity and market manipulation.


The user interface is designed to be friendly to improve user experience without neglected security. Our trading & issuing token's functionalities are developed to facilitate the interaction of our users with the current crypto asset ecosystem


One of the main characteristic of blockchain is to bring transparency among stakeholders (regulators, companies, investors, traders ...). Moreover the vote of our community is an important fact to list and a new crypto asset on our platform after our internal due diligence.


ethereum classic

Tozex has been designed to facilitate the tokenization of our current economy within one ecosystem for all the stakeholders of the cryptoasset market. Tozex aims to protect the interests of token issuers, investors and traders to bring them a transparency and a trust less ecosystem.

Tozex deploy



    Launch cryptoasset fundraising campaigns (ICO, STO, BRO ...)

    Expand the awarness of your promising projects by submiting it to our community

    Convince our trustable investors about the potential of your project

    Auditable crowdfunding smart contract templates(ICO, STO, BRO ...)

    Save time and important costs (technical, marketing ...)

    Create your cryptoasset with a sustainable liquid market


    Identify in early stage investment opportunities on exclusive projects

    Compare profitability and risks of each projects (token distribution model, given bonus, total supply, etc...)

    Liquid investments: Invest or get back your investments within an unique platform

    Stay informed about the activities of your selected investing projects

    Track the evolution of your portfolio and generate investement reports

    Be rewarded for your support through Believers Reward Offering (BRO) protocol


Multisignature deposit wallet to keep safe your cryptoassets

Exclusive opportunities to trade newly cryptoassets

Anticipate your trade positions by using margin & spot trading options

Decentralized order book

Pertinent market information and live market data (trading charts, reports …)

Competitive fees (trading fees (0.1%, free deposit and withdraw fees (0.5%))

Market Positioning

market positioning

Believer Reward Offering "BRO" is an innovative way to contribute to our project development

This token based fundraising mechanism is a totally new alternative to Initial Coin Offerings. BRO presents many advantages over ICOs and here are few reasons why it might just prove to be a sustainable option for all stakeholders.

We believe that this is a concrete alternative to ICOs that the crypto space has been waiting for.

BRO paper is coming soon

Funding structure



Remy André Ozcan
Chief Executive Officer
Christophe André Ozcan
Chief Technology Officer
Loris Gimenez
Business Developer
Ivy Mao
Digital Manager
Sabine Delansay
UX/UI Designer
Li Zi Xin
Lead Developer
Olivier Kleindienst
Financial manager
Dominique Gatto
Product Strategist